Vision Statement ...

Our pastoral ministry relates to shepherds and their role caring for sheep. Although many religions and non-religious traditions contain an emphasis on care and social responsibility of pastors, our Pastoral ministry are vibrant Holy Spirit filled men of God who work under the leadership of our founder and general overseer.

These humble men of God work tirelessly to support the dream and vision of the general overseer in divers way . They are always available to offer their spiritual advice to members of the congregation through prayer and counseling and their selfless service to the ministry

An excellent minister is a faithful student of Scripture. This is a continual process he gives his life to. “You will spend your whole life mastering one book – one book, the only book that God has inspired which he has placed all of his truth. The Bible becomes the sole content of your ministry, the sole theme of your preaching and it must saturate your mind and your soul. You make a radical commitment to the Bible and to Bible study and to Jesus.

That is being lost rapidly in ministry.” That loss is evident in a culture in which the Bible is no longer authoritative. The Bible is not fiction, it is not a book of suggestions, it is the inspired Word of God. “We are to saturate ourselves with the teaching of Scripture, the content, the words of the faith, and the deescalation, that which Scripture affirms prepositionally.”

An excellent minister avoids the influence of unholy teaching. “Have nothing to do with worldly fables” (verse 10). The word used here is Peritaomi which means to radically separate from what is holy. There are some things so evil that a pastor must not even listen to them. “Many young men who started out in ministry have been ruined, not by learning error as error, but by sitting under someone teaching error as truth. Being seduced with error from someone who believed that the error was true.” An excellent minister separates himself from the “corrupting influence of unholy teachers.”